About Us

Nova Accessories Industries Ltd. is the leading importer, exporter, manufacturer, and supplier of industrial apparel accessories in Bangladesh. We are Bangladesh’s largest importer of garment accessories raw materials since it started it’s journey since 1990. We produce our products using automatic machinery, and we ensure the best quality. We guarantee both top-notch quality and superior service.

Nova uses materials that have been certified in accordance with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, FSC Certificate & ISO Certificate when producing products to ensure the highest quality.

Nova has collaborated with a wide variety of international buyers, including Aldi, Stradivarius, K-Mart, Next, Newlook, JC Penny, Carefour, Handcraft, Tesco, Monoprix, TBS, Etam, Asmara, Naf Naf, Mango, Bershika, Mascot, Killtec, New Yorker, Primark, Kik, and many others.


Our Mission

We endeavor to become a quality garment accessories & machineries exporter and supplier to launch the industry to next level in Bangladesh. With our reliable and quality services, we aspire to become the industry’s next big stakeholder which has the capacity to steer the industry in the right direction.

Our Vision

Nova Group moves forward with vision of redesigning the industry with positive impacts. By bringing efficiency to the field, we look forward to keep providing our clients with top of the shelf quality products. We want to provide clients with unrivaled quality and best value for money service that has the potential of changing how the industry operates.